ACP Alucomex®

Structural Aluminum Panel


With more than 55 colors, Alucomex® is the material that offers you different types of panels with a 30-year guarantee in its lines of basic colors, painted or textured wood, glossy colors, metallic and marble. In the amazing line of mirrors it gives you a 4-year guarantee.


All colors have a thickness of the aluminum layer of 0.35 mm and for the specific case of mirror colors, we have a thickness of the aluminum layer of 0.30 mm, to give you a total thickness of 4 mm. Do not hesitate to specify our material for your constructions, since we are manufacturers.




  1. Protective Film
  2. Kynar PVDF Second Coat
  3. Kynar PVDF First Coat
  4. PRIMER Coat
  5. Aluminum outer shell
  6. Bondeo film
  7. Bondeo core
  8. Bondeo film
  9. Aluminum inner layer
  10. PRIMER layer

Fast and Light

Excellent for curved and bent applications

Easy Maintenance

Low maintenance cost using water and damp cloth

Long Durability

Color durability up to 30 years exposed to UV rays

Easy Transformation

Compatible with various CNC cutting tools


We equal any existing color, with the purpose of offering an adequate solution, for all kinds of projects.

Available Colors